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Some Thoughts X

Mick Stratton


Everyone is pro-choice when they agree with the choice.

Too many believe understanding behavior means you must condone it.

Be careful in killing a dream; you may destroy a soul.

If you fear something too much, you are likely to make it happen.

Rich is the man who is inspired by feelings, but guided by reason.

Good coaches often make successful administrators because sports taught them that if A doesn’t work, instead of blaming others, try B.

There is great comfort in having the faith that eventually good will prevail.

Learning has a much higher correlation to the effort of the student than the money spent on the program.

The Question is; who received the greater gift, the poor in need, or the providers who peered into their grateful, shining eyes?
Solo Dios sabe.

I had noticed that those he liked were “innocent until proven guilty” regardless of the evidence; those he disliked were “obviously guilty” with only a hint of impropriety. The question is: How different is he from me?

It’s hard to change someone’s mind while insulting his friends and ridiculing his views.

Negativism rarely solves a problem.

Tell me it was his fault, not mine, and I will believe you every time.