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Some Thoughts V

Mick Stratton


Why is it unacceptable for others to judge your behavior based on their religion, but it is acceptable for you to judge theirs based on your philosophy?

One of the greatest joys in life is proving the “experts” wrong.

Someone says you can’t do it without him, another says your destiny is in your own hands. The one to whom you agree with says a lot about who you are.

If you believe you should be able to choose your own heart surgeon, then you believe that not all discrimination is bad.

Don’t depend on others to fight your battles or solve your problems; they have their own destiny to fulfill.

Beware of destroying the rights of the majority while trying to defend the rights of the minority.

The reason for communication problems between the sexes: The woman’s explanation often takes more time than the man’s attention span.

It is only after seeing how much we are alike that we can truly appreciate our differences.

If knowledge were the sole criterion for proper behavior, the most educated would rarely do wrong.

In emergencies there are two kinds of people: those who immediately respond and those who immediately criticize. Which are you?

The young who have loving hearts want to be needed; the old who have loving hearts want to make it so they are not needed.

Instead of always asking others for help, try asking them if they need help.

You can’t catch a fish if you don’t go fishing and you won’t receive an answer if you don’t ask the question.

The measurement of one’s character is the degree to which he stands by his beliefs when it is uncomfortable to do so.

Isn’t it interesting that those who accuse others of being greedy invariably want something they did not produce?

Until we realize there is a direct correlation between a child’s education and the involvement of the parents, we will always have an ignorant society.

Those who believe that women are the peaceful sex have never lived with a mother and daughter.

You know the circle has been completed when your children tell you not to worry; they will take care of you.

Isn’t it interesting that many of those who worship at the altar of tolerance are among the most intolerant?

As a young teacher I wanted to feel needed by my students. Now I want them to feel they can do it themselves.

As the beauty of a flower pleases the eye, so an act of love pleases the Father.

Sometimes I feel like a little boy trapped in an old man’s body

Children whine to the degree permitted.

When perception becomes more important than truth, bad things happen.

The more someone tells you of his virtues, the less you should believe him. A virtuous person rarely speaks of it, nor needs to.