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Some Thoughts III

Mick Stratton


Learning to forgive others goes a long way in learning to forgive yourself.

Beware of anyone who believes he has the right to take something from you because you don’t “need” it.

Through the morning mist I saw a glimpse of His smiling face and felt surrounded by His presence.

Three things which are true: the poor man, regardless of his need, has no right to the fruits of another; the good man, regardless of his own condition, reaches out to those in need; and the wise man knows this is as it should be.

Life will always have its ups and downs. Dwell on the downs and be miserable, or dwell on the ups and be liberated.

They seemed frail and vulnerable so I reached out to them, only to be fortified by their strength.

Look into a child’s eyes and you will see the sparks of dreams; kindle them well.

Inspiration can never be forced; it often happens when most unexpected.

If you treat others as if you love them, you may begin to.

Fill your heart with love in the morning, and throughout the day let all you meet have a drink.

In one world, control is power and power corrupts. In another world, love is power and power redeems. It is our choice where to live.

If you only teach to the lowest denominator you will never help develop true greatness in others.

Discipline is doing what you should do but do not want to.

Doing what you think is right can often be lonely, but the reward will be great.

Ironically, if you teach your children that the world owes them nothing but they are still responsible for others, they will do well.

You have no choice concerning your talents; you do have choice on what to do with them.

When need becomes more important than merit, effort is greatly diminished.

Peering into her laughing eyes I saw a kindred spirit who loved me as I was, and I whispered “Father, is this what heaven is like?”

Love is contagious; the more you inoculate the faster it spreads.

Play is one of nature’s tools for your child’s development, so encourage it often.

It’s not your words, but your actions that define you.

Being kind to the powerful does not reveal the beauty of your soul; being kind to those who are dependent upon you does.

Learning to keep peace in your home is the first step in learning to keep peace in the world.

Who is the richer depends upon how you measure wealth.

As a child he was afraid to be laughed at, so he rarely tried new things. When he was a young man he was afraid of failure, so he did not seek adventure. With middle age he did not want to be talked about, so he always did the expected. Now he is old and wants to share his adventures with his grandchildren, only to realize they are few.