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       Some Thoughts XIII

         Mick Stratton



It is wise to stay clear of someone who treats animals poorly.

Living up to one's ideals is difficult. Because of this the weak and corrupt will mock those who try and excuse those who don't.

An expanded mind always hears and sees more than a restricted one.

If you really want to find yourself, reach out to others.

Why would you require your child to take responsibility for his behavior but not your neighbor?

Show your child the path to truth and he will eventually find his way.

Have you ever noticed how smart are those who agree with you and how dumb are those who don't?

Without a Higher Authority, the only true universal truth would be might makes right.

It's OK to ask for advice, but never forget the final decision is yours.

How can we expect our children to become worthy adults if we don't teach and demonstrate what that means?

Everyone has prejudices and biases. A wise man constantly evaluates the evidence and changes his views when warranted. A bigot ignores all evidence because being wrong is not an option. And you?

As I tried to be the role model my children deserved, I noticed others attitudes toward me changing.