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       Some Thoughts XVII

         Mick Stratton



Character: having the discipline to stand by one’s principles when it is uncomfortable to do so.

It is good to remind yourself regularly of all the times your first impression was wrong.

Why is it that when your friend makes a mistake it was an honest error, but when someone you dislike makes one it was evil intent?

All the money spent and all the studies performed, and still the best way to modify behavior is the carrot and the stick.

Everyone has prejudices and always will; the wise among us evaluate our prejudices with the facts and adjust accordingly.

It is the nature of the child to have faith that goodness will prevail. Blessed is the adult who never loses this.

The problem with most “experts” is they rarely think outside the box.

Always be suspect of laws that are made to protect you from yourself, or give you something you did not earn. The dragon uses them to change its status from “your servant” to “your master.”

Always reach out with peace but be ready to defend with strength.

Behavior correlates highly with fear of consequences.

He told me he had a hard time thinking outside the box. My problem was I never could find the door to get into the box.

It is perverse to celebrate mediocrity and mock excellence.