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Some Thoughts VII

Mick Stratton


It says much about a man, how he cares for that which he has borrowed.

Doing good for the wrong reason often disappoints, but doing it for the right reason consistently satisfies.

Daughter, be wary of forming a relationship with a man who treats his mother and sisters poorly.

The person who wants only what he earns rarely accuses others of being greedy.

Normally people who challenge your motives know they are not capable of challenging your position.

How to spoil a child: convince him a want is a need and a need is a right.  How to destroy a country: convince the citizens that a want is a need and…

If you ignore your children now, expect them to ignore you later.

When you convince people they have a right to the efforts of others, they will no longer be grateful for gifts received.

If you don’t think God has a sense of humor, take a good look at yourself.

It is a lot easier to love others after you have learned to love yourself.

Sometimes the hardest person to be truthful with is yourself.

If there is neither God nor an immortal soul why does it matter whether Earth is destroyed by an exploding sun, an asteroid, or the action of mankind? For Earth will only have been a very small blip in eternity and of no consequence.