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Some Thoughts IX

Mick Stratton


More often than not, one is guilty of the faults that he accuses others of having.

Happiness rarely, if ever, comes to those who seek it. However, contentment comes to those who seek wisdom and understanding.

If you are waiting to be asked, you may never dance.

As I was caring for Dad I realized that God had allowed me to complete the circle.

The beauty of darkness is it increases love for the light.

What joy in sharing that which is beautiful with those who understand.

Thank you for all your gifts; so many complain they are not enough, so few appreciate them for what they are.

Try doing a good deed three times a day, but be careful; it may become a habit.

Once I realized I wasn’t the center of the world, I was amazed how it expanded in its awesome beauty.

A new idea should never require immediate acceptance, but should be allowed a time for contemplating.

Telling adolescents they can’t control their behavior will go a long way in assuring that they won’t.

That which comes easy is rarely appreciated, until it is lost.