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       Some Thoughts XI

         Mick Stratton



When everything becomes a right, then nothing truly is.

It intrigues me that you tell me I cannot know how you feel because I am not as you are, but you have no problem telling me exactly how I feel.

It was only after I quit believing that money was the solution to my problems that I began to solve them.

He didn’t see the irony of being judgmental about being judgmental; but then again, he was self-righteous.

It is perverse to hold some back until all can catch up.

Give your child a strong mental, physical and spiritual foundation, and it will support him for the rest of his life.

When I was young I would never forgive a wrong committed by a friend; now that I am old, I have no friends.

You had nothing to do with the talents you were born with; so be humble about them. How you use them is your choice, and by that you will be judged.

If you regularly make excuses for your child’s behavior you are guilty of child abuse.

I was so busy protesting the deeds of others that I never had time to accomplish anything myself.

The person who regularly considers himself a victim is a defeated person, and retaining that attitude will make sure that he remains so.

Courage is doing or saying what you believe is correct, even though it is unpopular. Doing or saying something just because others want to hear it is a form of cowardice.