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       Some Thoughts XIV

         Mick Stratton



A quandary for Man, he has the nature to kill but also has a heart to love. If only there was a Way...

I asked him why he was always at peace and he said: “Every day I try to be kind to another, and a little bit of it spills into my heart… Did you not know that kindness brings peace?”

One said to you “We need to find a solution”; the other said “who should we blame?” The question is: Who will you listen to?

How strange that you accuse me of being intolerant if I am against what you accept, but immoral if I tolerate that which you don’t.

Too many believe that education is always the solution to inappropriate behavior; if that were true the most educated people would practice the most appropriate behavior.

The youth show you where you were, the elderly where you will be; follow your path well.

You cannot judge a man’s heart, but you can his actions.

I was proud of my faithfulness until I realized I was never tempted to stray.

Too many will accept any reason for failure other than they might have been wrong.

Sometimes the effort is all that counts, other times only the results. A wise man knows when this is so.

Often we concentrate too hard on where we are going to appreciate where we are, only to remember with sorrow, where we had been.

People who look to others to solve their problems will never be truly satisfied.

Those who strive for a higher ideal may never find it, but are always better for the effort.