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Some Thoughts II

Mick Stratton


Teach your children to delight in attempting the impossible.

If you teach your children to accept criticism they will go far.

If wealth brings happiness, why do so many of the rich see psychiatrists?

Narrow minded, bigoted and petty people tend to mock others, particularly those with whom they disagree.

Bad things happen when need becomes more important than justice.

One tends to talk about the greed of others in direct proportion to his own.

Aren’t you being hypocritical judging me for judging others?

One reward for always trying to do what is right is a clear conscience.

A joyful heart rarely strikes out to hurt.

Katrina whispered in my ear "Have I not shown you how fragile and fleeting your material world is? Is there another you should be focusing on?"

Blessed is the country that has self-reliant, but compassionate citizens.

Is it OK to suspend separation of church and state during a disaster?

Always be suspect of someone who tells you he is the solution to your problems.

The arrogant always demand humility in others.

A kind word penetrates most defenses.

If you desire truth with your whole heart you have made the first step in finding it.

The path to respect is honesty and consistency.

Peace in your soul goes a long way in repelling the effects of hate.

Holding grudges, mocking others and hatred, are all self-destructive traits.

All predators (animals, men and nations) prey on the weak; therefore be strong.

Spend time smelling the flowers, gazing at the stars and absorbing the beauty emanating from a child’s eyes.

Let me get this straight… Stonehenge had to be made by intelligent beings because of its complexity and design, but Man’s DNA happened by chance?

As the hawk soared in search of food so my soul soared in search of Truth.

Your station in life does not equate to the quality of your character; some who are below you may be above you.

The wisest know the smartest can learn from the dumbest. So... always be ready to listen