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       Some Thoughts XXI

         Mick Stratton


For each individual there are two realities; that which is actually real and that which he perceives as real. The success of his choices depends on the degree to which these are the same.

Be suspect of someone who regularly ascribes improper motives to those with whom he disagrees.  It is he whose motives are often questionable.

I chuckled when my six-year-old told me how much smarter he was now that he was no longer a little boy; and then I thought of the belly laugh I must be giving God.

What do you mean a computer program needs a creator? You just told me DNA didn't!

Never trust The Science whose scientists ask: “Who paid for the study?”

When a youth I wanted a wife who would idolize me; instead I got stuck with one who is honest with me…I thank God every night!

Robin Hood did not rob from the rich and give to the poor. He robbed from the tax collectors and gave back to the tax payers.

Isn't it interesting that those who espouse that all opinions are equally valid are very selective of who they listen to when it really counts.

A gentleman is a man with strong character and courage who makes others, great and small, feel comfortable in his presence. A lady is a woman's equivalence of a gentleman.

The person who regularly accuses those who disagree with him as being intolerant, narrow minded, mean spirited and/or stupid, is usually describing himself.

“Father, I want to develop a language that everyone can understand.” “Son, I already have. It's called Love, now if only they would speak it.”

They think alike, believe alike and act alike. Sadly, as long as their ethnicity is different they believe they are practicing diversity.