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       Some Thoughts XX

         Mick Stratton



I explained to my daughter that though she could not understand my actions, to have faith in me.  Suddenly I realized that I had heard this before and was comforted.

Destroying evil is good; hating those who are destroyed is not.

It’s not what you have that counts, but what you do with what you have.

Never forget that the last step to success is often the most difficult.

If there is not a higher source of right and wrong, then the only thing that really counts is personal gratification.

If an uninformed adult can vote on an issue, why shouldn’t an informed child?

You may believe your good deeds go unnoticed, but you are wrong.

Religion begat Philosophy, Philosophy begat Science and for some, Science begets Religion. An Eternal Circle?

The more best friends you think you have, the less you likely do.

The more you ponder on what justice is, the fairer you tend to be.

The person who constantly tells you your failures are not your fault is doing you no favors.

Teach your daughter to respect herself, and she will demand respect from others.

I smelled the air, felt the breeze, and delighted in the lush spring day, feeling surrounded by the presence of the Creator.