Some Thoughts IV

Mick Stratton

Teaching your child to lose is not teaching him to like it, but to learn from it.

I asked him what his reward was for standing by his convictions.  He answered: “being free of a guilty conscience.”

It is perverse to celebrate mediocrity and mock excellence.

Goodness within always shines outward.

Making excuses never solved anything.

Life is sometimes hard; it’s your choice to pursue the difficulties as challenges or bemoan them as unfair.

If doing what is right were always fun we would all be saints.

Arrogance sees greatness and thinks, “I could have done that if I had wished.” Humility sees greatness and thinks, “How wonderful!”

A society that teaches that violence is never acceptable eventually will be unable to defend itself.

Don’t tell me it can’t be done, just get out of the way and let me do it!

Be suspect of what “everybody knows to be true”; often it is not.

He gave up his life for me; the least I can do is give up hate for Him.

A fool listens only to the words; a wise man notes the deeds.

There is temptation enough in life; it is foolish to seek it out.

You have everything you wanted and still aren’t happy? Maybe you have wanted the wrong things.

He was filled with hate, she with love. He seemed to have it all, she very little. He envied her, yet never understood why.

Nurturing is most successful when done a little bit each day.

Always reach out with peace but be ready to defend with strength.

Love and respect are not the same thing; when you have both you are rich indeed.

A perverse society is a society in collapse.

A great injustice perpetrated against society has been the convincing of parents that someone else is responsible for their child’s education.

Hundreds of studies, millions of dollars and the experts are just beginning to believe that men and women may not be wired the same.

A good man does what is right because he loves that which is right; the ordinary man does so because of his fear of the consequences.

Beware of scorning others; you may soon be in their shoes.

A true friend picks you up, dusts you off and encourages you to continue instead of telling you it wasn’t your fault you fell.