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The “Insurrection”

John W. Pinkerton


A couple of months ago, a young fellow who had unfriended me during the Presidential campaign showed up on my Facebook page challenging me to defend Trump and the part he played in the January sixth “insurrection.”

I declined his offer.  I did not see the urgency of the subject and at that moment because the press and all of the liberals were speaking of the event as though it was the worst thing that had ever happened in our country's history.

For those of you who for whatever reason don't know what happened on the sixth of January, Trump, believing that the presidential election had been stolen from him, held a rally stirring up the crowd with “outrageous” statements like, “If you are to maintain your freedom, you must fight for it.”  After the rally, they walked over to the capitol building where the congressmen were about to certify the election, and there was a bit of a dustup.

That morning I was sitting in my easy chair watching the latest news.  I didn't watch the rally but tuned in in time to see a bunch of people milling about the capitol building.  I commented to my wife that the image didn't look “right” to me.  I guess the reason it didn't look “right” to me was that conservatives seldom become violent.  These folks really looked pissed off.  Well, I guess stealing an election gets folks stirred up.

Immediately the Democrats and the press went to work blaming Trump for the “insurrection.”  Now let's take a moment to examine the word “insurrection,” the label of choice of the Democrats and the press. “An organized opposition to an authority.”

After seeing some of the videos of various activities of the “rebels,” I don't think we can call it “organized.”  Some folks were just walking in past welcoming “guards” and ironically remaining between the velvet rope barriers.  On the other hand, a window was broken by a few folks in order to acquire entry.  All in all, there wasn't much damage done.

From the continuing report by the Dems and the press, one would believe that those opposing the “rebels” were maimed and martyred with their bodies strewn everywhere in the capitol.  In an attempt to make the public believe that it was a bloodbath, they kept reporting that one capitol policeman was killed when hit in the head by a “rebel” striking him with a fire extinguisher.  It never happened.  A couple of days after the sixth, the officer died from an unrelated stroke: yet to this day they carry this story forward.

Oh yeah, there was one death: a slight woman was shot to death.  For weeks the federal folks would not reveal the name of the officer or explain how this happened.  When his name was revealed, he had no explanation for why he shot the woman.  There was no prosecution.  I'm sure this fellow is still “guarding” the capitol.

In the meantime, there is a mighty effort to hunt
down, arrest, and prosecute every man and woman who participated in the “insurrection.”  From what I hear, the penalty for walking around in the capitol wearing a halloween costume is pretty severe: four years.

To emphasize the grave danger imposed by the insurrectionists, Congress called in the National Guard to occupy the grounds and great barriers of fencing were installed around the capitol.  Quite a show.

Congress is still in the process of conducting an investigation into the events surrounding January 6.  However, from the beginning, it was obvious that this was a PR committee, not an investigative committee because the Dems denied the choices of the Republicans to be part of the “investigation.”  In spite of this, not much new information has come out of this committee.

Oh, there is one piece of information that came from the committee: none of the “insurrectionists” were armed with guns.  That ain't good planning for an insurrection.

The one factor I found amusing was the fear displayed by so many of the congressmen.  I suggest they not go to a country dance in Texas.  The horror.  The horror.