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The American People Have Spoken

John W. Pinkerton


The American people have spoken.

Joe and Kamala have persuaded more Americans to vote for them than Trump and Pence have persuaded.*

Silly me, I thought because Joe was such a loser for so many years…hairplugs, plagiarism, racist statements, dementia,  hair sniffing, and international bribery that he was a long shot.  However, in spite of the fact that Joe seemed a little out of step with many in his party, he won by an electoral college landslide.

I made the silly assumption that Trump's overhaul of the Veterans Administration, the buildup of the military, moving toward securing our borders, the revamping to America's advantage in NAFTA, successfully pressuring NATO members to pay their share, doing everything in his power to overcome the Corona Virus, successfully encouraging American companies to return to American soil, removing America's money from the Paris Accord, crushing ISIS, nullifying the Iran nuclear deal, killing Iran's economy, convincing North Korea to shut the Hell up, creating economic zones to primarily help minorities, reduce taxes on all citizens, and help create the greatest economy for America, plus campaigning for the American vote as strenuously as humanly possible----I assumed these facts were enough to make his re-election a no-brainer.

But that didn't happen.  Biden won.  Trump lost.

I awoke on the fourth of November with the strong odor in my nostrils.  I've spoken of the Southerners' natural ability to smell bullshit when others seem to be sniffing daisies.

I tried to put my olfactory instincts aside, but then Republicans started calling “Fowl,” and even some Democrats looked a little shell shocked.  They seemed to think that in a number of states that the Democrats had…well, for want of a kinder word, “cheated.”  A Democrat cheating?  I've never heard of such a thing!

Well, I'm old and realize that one doesn't always get what one wants the instant one wants it.  There's another national election in 22 months.  If the Republicans play their cards right, they might win back the House and win a majority in the senate.

I know, I know, Joe will still be President.  Well, if Joe gets the same cooperation from the Republicans that Trump got from the Democrats, good luck.  Besides, I'm thoroughly convinced that most of the things the Dem administration might break can be fixed by the Republicans.

*The complete story of this election will take time: the complete story will have no influence on who will be President and Vice-President (President) for the next  four years.