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The Class of 1960

John W. Pinkerton


The recent elections have given me a moment of reflection centered on my high school class, the Pineville High School Class of 1960.

Only the members of that class need to bother reading this.  All others were reared at a different moment in history and have no idea what it was like to be a teen in America then.   I think we all treasure those days.  As I recall, most of us went on to college and actually graduated and went to work.  If we didn't go to college, we went to work.

Most of us are now around 78 years old…those of us who have survived.

A lot of things---good and bad---have occurred since '60---JFK and his brother and MLK were all assassinated---we went to the moon---we struggled through the Viet Nam debacle---Nixon let us down---our country was attacked on 911---our technology changed greatly---the Cold War---the end of the Soviet Union…and a million little things.

Most of us raised families, helped our kids, supported our churches, and voted.

We are not a stupid generation.  We've been keeping an eye on the world, and, frankly, we're more than a little disappointed in what we see.

When we were growing up, we saw the Democrats and Republicans both as viable political parties.  Today, not so much.  If I were to guess, I suspect 90% of us voted Republican in the last election.

The good news is that the Silent Generation, our generation finally has a President.  The bad news is that it's Joe.

Hell, most of us know exactly who Joe is.  He's the kid we let ride in the back seat as we and our buddies cruised the streets as teenagers, but we never, ever let him drive.

The Dems seem determined to destroy whatever good there is about America.  I say, “Go for it.”  It's going to be a lot tougher to destroy than you think, and you may be surprised by how much push back you get. While ya'll are busy doing that, folks of my generation will be busy sitting on top of piles of money and property accumulated over our lifetimes wondering why ya'll are so foolish. 

Good luck to all.