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Weaponization  of the Federal Government

John W. Pinkerton


As I was flipping through the channels about two months ago, I stopped on one of the CSPAN channels but didn't find anything interesting and then moved on to the next CSPAN channel.  There was a House hearing on that channel.    I quickly realized this was the hearing on the Twitter Files by the Weaponization of the Federal Government Hearing. I couldn't pull myself away from the hearing for the next two hours.

The witnesses were two journalists: Mr. Matt Tabbi and Mr. Michael Shellenberger are apparently the fellows who have control of the Twitter Files---emails primarily.  Immediately they were called “so-called” journalists by the Democrat members of the committee.  An examination of their professional history reveal two well-respected and productive journalists, oh my God---they’re both Democrats.

The files released point to the FBI and other government agencies paying and intimidating and influencing Twitter to tell lies, not tell the truth, and thus influence the last national election.

Of particular interest was the Hunter Biden computer which apparently the truth when revealed by them may bring down President Biden.

The difference between the Republicans and the Democrats on the committee was stark.  The Democrats’ primary questions for the journalists were about their sources which to the average man is pretty obvious, Elon Musk, new owner of Twitter.  First of all, the committee cannot demand the journalists' sources.  Second of all, it's irrelevant.

On the other hand, the Republicans seemed more interested in the  First Amendment: the First Amendment to our Constitution protects five fundamental values of our society---religion, speech, press, and the right to petition and assemble.

Freedom of speech in this case means the Federal government can't take sides in a political debate.  Apparently the Dems chose to use the social media, in this case Twitter, as a proxy to restrain information---UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

You can check out the information revealed during the hearing by going to https://www.c-span.org/video/?526578-1/house-panel-examines-twitter-moderation-practices.

The details of the testimony by the journalists were quite interesting, but even more revealing were the statements by the Democrat members of the committee.

They are a nasty bunch not interested in the premises of the Constitution in the least.  They seem to only be interested in personal attacks and smears and false implications...anything but the truth.