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What a Country!

John W. Pinkerton


How did Joe become the don of a Mafia family?


When Joe was still Vice-President, Joe's family gathered and agreed, “Joe ain't ever going to be  President.  Boys, let's get rich while we can.  China is our piggy bank.  Let's go break it.”

Nobody would have paid much attention  to Joe and his family's  activities if he had not been nominated by his party, the Democrats, to be President.

I don't think there were very many people---including Joe and his family---who thought he would be elected---but elected he was.  I’m sure the consensus was that his running would keep him viable as a money machine.

The only reason Joe got the nomination was that he was the most electable of a sorry lot, and Old Joe, who is on his third bid for the presidency, couldn't resist the possibility of “President” Joe Biden.

The family met and Joe said, “Okay, fellows.  This is going to be a little risky, but if I'm elected, it won't be a problem...because I’ll be President, and if I lose, no one will care.”

Unfortunately for the Biden Gang, Biden’s druggy son Hunter couldn’t keep track of his laptop...oops.   Realizing there might be a problem with old Joe's “business” dealings, they went into overdrive to first elect Joe and then to cover up the huge problem in Joe's resume.

So…your president is a crook---a nice old guy, but a crook.  I assume that 40% of you folks don't care because you still approve of Biden as your President.

What a country!