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Ya’ll So Silly

John W. Pinkerton


Well, four years ago the American people elected  Donald Trump President of the United States.  Those of us who voted for him thought this election was like other elections---the folks who voted for Hillary would congratulate the new President and support him when they could.

Of course, that's not what happened: apparently, the Democrats declared war on our new President.  My goodness---all the accusations including Russian collusion.  They even attempted to impeach him.

It took Trump supporters a little time to realize that the Democrats had not only declared war on Trump, but they had also declared war on anyone who supported him.  My goodness, the names they have called us---racists, etc., and in some cases they have physically attacked folks with which they have disagreed.

Personally, I was a little offended and…amused.  I tried to figure out what was wrong with these folks: I mean, they seemed so irrational.   When I would disagree to some small degree publicly on Facebook, they would come down on me like a ton of bricks.  I finally just quit informing them that they were mistaken and allowed them to go on their merry ways.

In the meantime, I too went on my merry way profiting from Trump's economy.

Then we were attacked by the coronavirus.  Apparently it came out of China---who knows whether it was intentionally spread or accidentally spread to the rest of the world.  President Trump took the disease seriously and pretty much shut down his economy to help prevent the spread of the virus.  Of course, in short order, the Dems blamed President Trump for the virus, something which no one saw coming and no one understood its nature, but, apparently, it was Trump's fault---according to the Dems.

Then there was a fellow up in Minnesota who was killed by police officers.  Then, suddenly there was a lot of destruction across the United States…a lot of folks seemed to be angry with statues.  They even took over a portion of one city in Oregon.  The Democrat politicians seemed to be fine with that.

The violence escalated even in Chicago, which seems impossible…being that  violence there is just the new normal.  New York seems to be going down the tubes with the defunding of their police.  Now, most of this violence occurred in Democrat cities, but…wait for it…wait for it…it's Trump's fault.

With few exceptions, the “news” media has not only tried to put the worse face on President Trump's administration but have just flat out lied about him.  The Dems in Washington have huddled around Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer as their leaders and have supported whatever they have demanded…wow, what a gutsy bunch.  Pretty weak.  And let's not forget the Rhinos---old Mitt chief among them: what a loser!

All of this is a little difficult to absorb…but the false outrage, the lies, the dropping of drawers and doing hand flips through the public square are now almost over.  It's time for the American people to vote.

It appears that the polls once again say that Trump will lose.  Good luck with that.

Most folks, like myself, cannot see into the future.  Regardless of who wins the election, Biden or Trump, life will go on for the conservatives.  However, I suspect a lot of the liberals will be on suicide watch.  Ya'll so silly.