I haven’t met Jim yet, but I’m looking forward to meeting him.  I was out at The Gallery at Round Top today, and Jim’s work jumped off the walls for me.  I asked Ken, co-owner and friend, about the artist. and he said he was a “nice guy.”  Heck, I can recognize that from his art.   I’ll try not to hold the fact that he’s from Oklahoma against him.


Jim Keffer is a self-taught Oklahoma artist with a studio in Guthrie who has only been working at his art for a few years.
Jim began his artistic adventure in 1996 by creating handcrafted carved and painted wooden furniture. Jim says that his 46 years as a non-artist to be time spent to “gather materials” for his art years.    

Then he began his painting career in 1998.  "I look at all those years before as a time when I was absorbing material, thinking and reflecting. When the time was right, I became the artist I had always thought myself to be," Keffer explains.

Jim describes his colorful style as “contemporary primitivism” and “contemporary minimalism.”

Jim loves to paint barns and churches and abandoned  buildings of rural Oklahoma and New Mexico. “My connection is just to the land itself,” says Keffer, noting that he visits New Mexico throughout the year to paint on-site.

"Paintings take on a life of their own. I add the final colors and the painting is finished. For better or for worse. One learns."



Copper Moon Gallery

105 Kit Carson Road
Taos, New Mexico 87571

La Mesa

225 Canyon Road

Santa Fe, NM 87501



JRB Art at the Elms

2810 N. Walker

Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Phone:: 405-528-6336


The Gallery at Round Top

203 East Austin

Round Top, Texas 78954