Ponk Vonsydow could never satisfy the requirements of his college creative writing instructor:  the assignment to write a story about how people eat turned into a story about cannibals; the assignment of a a story about how people walk turned into a story of a man without legs; the assignment about how people talk turned into a story about a serial killer whose victims had speech impediments.  The results were failing grades.  Wisely, Ponk dropped out.

Nevertheless, Ponk was still interested in writing and  in 1993 completed his first full length novel.  He presently is the author of 30 novels, as well as several novellas, and numerous short stories. 

Along the way, Vonsydow developed an original writing style and format for composing manuscripts he calls The Vonsydow Method.  Ponk beleives that the method generates creativity and original ideas in a unique format.

Vonsydow is also an accomplished painter and was self-employed as a mural artist from 1989 until 2003.  The work took a toll on him physically and the poor economy took a toll on his income.  Vonsydow turned to publishing his literature in order to make ends meet.
Ponk is also a musician.  Vonsydow is also now flexing his muscles as a composer and has produced a
traditional classical music album called Illumination.

Go to www.ponkvonsydow.com to visit Ponk’s website and the Bookstore the see books and music available from Ponk.



1    Feline

2    Meathead

3    Infant Unit

4   Donor

5   Will You Still Love Me When I’m Melting

6   Our Exalted Emperor

7    Subject D 669 audiobook fiction

8    Real Estate

9    Gack

10    Small

11    Attack of the 50 Ft....Baby

12    Lupe  novel

13     Father Periwinkle’s Cherub audiobook fiction

14    Illumination III: Symphoney in No Key to Speak of symphony

15    Star Trek: Clash of the Gods novella

16    Star Trek : Romulan Ale novella

17    Star Trek: The Exploits and Madness of Captain Garth of Izar novella

18    Star Trek: Clash of the Gods novella

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