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Robin sent me an email complimenting the website.  She, apparently, had heard of the website through her friends Cathy Schuster and Cheryl Wooten who are also friends of mine.  Robin fell into my trap when she sent me an email; consequently, she’s now has this page  on our site.  Oh, yeah, she’s a really good artist.


Robin was the youngest of three sisters growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Her parents were artistically talented and encouraged the girls to express themselves with pottery, copper enameling, painting, and drawing.  Robin went on to graduate from the University of Cincinnati and received a Master’s Degree in education from Kent State.   Following her retirement in 2001, she began working in watercolor. 

Robin feels that the workshops she was able to participate in were very important to her development as a watercolorist, and she very much appreciates the workshops of John Salminen, Catherine Anderson, Mike E. Bailey, Annette Botts, Cholla, Virginia Cobb, H.C. Dodd, Joe Fettingius, Polly Hammett, Alex Powers, Mary Ann Beckwith, Carla O’Connor, and Skip Lawrence. She is particularly appreciative of Mary Whyte for inspiring her and encouraging her creativity. Robin says, “I believe we are all on a journey when we make art and that we need to be at a certain stage in our development to soak in what an instructor has to offer.”

Robin likes realism but has a tendency to abstract her subjects with colors and shapes.  In subject matter she tends to paint animals and older women.

Robin is a well-rounded person whose interests beyond art include yoga, spinning, walking, traveling, reading, and, occasionally, gourmet cooking.





Watercolor Art Society of Houston 41st Annual Members Exhibit Merchandise Award 2010

Texas Watercolor Society 61st Exhibition Rockport Center for the Arts 2010 Texas Watercolor Society Memorial Award 2009

Watercolor Art Society 40th Membership Show Honorable Mention 2009 Watercolor Art Society International Exhibition

Watercolor USA 2009

Springfield Art Museum Patron Purchase and Cash Award Winner 2008 32nd International Exhibition Watercolor Art Society of Houston Honorable Mention

Northwest Art League Fall Show 2008 Kerstin Wyman Memorial Best Watercolor

Kansas Watercolor Society Great 8 Exhibition The Wichita Center for the Arts/KWS Cash Award

Watercolor Art Society of Houston Monthly Show Small Paintings December 2007 First Place

Watercolor Art Society of Houston 38th Annual Members Exhibit 2007 Merchandise Award,

46th Watercolor USA 2007 Cash Award, Springfield Art Museum, Springfield Missouri

Kersten Wyman Memorial Award for Best Watercolor, March 2007 Northwest Art League

Kansas Watercolor 2006 Great 8 Exhibition, Dr. Hugh Riordan Memorial Award

 Philadelphia Watercolor Society 2005 Diane Hark Award

Eastman Gallery Deep in the Art of Texas, Honorable Mention, October 2005

 Best of Show, Tomball Texas Art Show 2004


 Kansas Watercolor Society

  Texas Watercolor Society

Lone Star Art Guild 

Watercolor USA Honor Society 

Philadelphia Water Color Society 

Southwestern Watercolor Society

Louisiana Watercolor Society 

WASH - Watercolor Art Society/Houston 

Northwest Art League 


Robin’s painting “Best Friend” has been accepted into the Philadelphia Water Color Society's 113th Anniversary International Exhibition of works on Paper  to be held at West Chester University, West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Robin has had a painting accepted for publication in Splash 15 Best in Watercolor.

The Boston Terrier below took honorable mention at the December

WAS-H Show.

Robin appears in the following publications:

Splash 10

2010 edition of the Watercolor Honor Society Newsletter

8 Great Exhibition 2007 program

June/July 2012 edition of Washrag Newsletter

August 2012 edition of Washrag Newsletter