While visiting Bryan’s First Friday activities, I was introduced to  a lovely young girl by Greta Watkins at Greta’s Frame Gallery.  I took a business card from her and went on to visit the Pankeys’ Square 1 Studio.  There Nikki Smith was again along with some of her artworks hanging in the gallery.  Wow!  I chatted with Nikki about her art for a while understanding very little of her methods to produce her art.   I went home thinking that I need Nikki on my website.  Something told me to go back and reread an email that I had recently received from Hailey Herrera about a wonderful artist she had recently met; you guessed it, Nikki Smith.


Nikki describes herself as an artist, a mother, and an entrepreneur.   Nikki is all that and a lot more.

“I am following my passions and creating art that I love for the sheer joy of it, and I love meeting fellow artists and art lovers!”

“I believe music and art have the power to move and
inspire; to change the way we see the world. My Music Lovers series combines my passions for music, art and self-expression in a signature style uniquely my own. I've had so much fun creating this series: everything from brainstorming ideas, photography, and getting my hands dirty creating mixed-media backgrounds, textures and elements, to working with the digital techniques that bring it all together.”
“As a natural extension of this series, I am creating a Dance-inspired series using the same style. After all, when I hear music my body moves and my spirits lift.”
“There are no shortcuts or magic buttons; each piece is built up layer by layer and stroke by stroke.”
“Of course, like any mixed-media artist my interests do not stop there. I am passionate about creating hand-made, one-of-a-kind artist books. I experiment with a variety of materials and processes in my art. I also teach and write tutorials to share my techniques with other artists.”
“I discovered Wee Planets as an art form several years ago and fell in love. It is a way of viewing a rural or urban scene as a mini world unto itself, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and unexpected. You can imagine yourself exploring a whole new planet with no rules except those you write yourself.”

“I love meeting fellow artists and art lovers! Join me on my blog or sign-up for my Newsletter. I look forward to connecting with you! Escape. Dream. Believe.”

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Nikki’s Update:

Nikki is having an art show at The Frame Gallery in downtown Bryan, Texas, beginning on June 6 as part of the First Friday celebration.  Also in June, Nikki will be exhibiting in “Art +Industry” at the Whitney Center for the Arts in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Niki has been featured in Flair magazine’s spring/summer edition.  Her art is on both covers and featured 13 times within the issue as well as an article about Nikki and her art.

Nikki was the recipient of Fine Art America’s 2013 Artistic Merit Award.

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