I was raised in the panhandle of west Texas, son of a Methodist preacher.  Music and academics came easily to me in school, and after graduating from high school in Andrews, Texas, I headed to UT to save the world through engineering, while also playing in the Longhorn Band.  After 2 ½ years in engineering, I switched majors to music education.  This allowed me to cram my four years of college into six. 

I taught band in small schools (Thrall and Caldwell) for 12 years before burning out and leaving the profession forever.  “Forever” turned out to be one year.  With a rediscovered interest in mathematics, I took the necessary courses at Texas A&M to become math certified and took a job at Somerville ISD.  In my 12 years at Somerville my high school math position evolved into full-time technology coordinator, and librarian John Pinkerton and I collaborated on many cutting-edge projects within the school district---many of them successful! 

In 2000, my wife Beverly graduated from Perkins Seminary at SMU, and after 20 years as a classroom teacher, she began her career as a United Methodist minister.  Her career change took us from Somerville to Palestine, Conroe, Baytown, and Groves. In July 2014 we moved to Emory, Texas, just east of Dallas. My last 5 years in education were as a high school math teacher in Conroe HS. 

I retired in 2008 and spend my time doing yard work, volunteering around the church, working with church music, writing essays for my friend John, and watching birds from my breakfast table. 

Beverly and I have one son, Thomas, born in 1979, who is a graduate of Somerville HS and UT.  He lives in Austin with his partner Hunter. 

I enjoy creative writing, and John’s website has given me both an excuse and the motivation to express myself through essay.



1   Dreams of a Frustrated Gardener    

2   Facebook--Good or Evil?

3  Backyard Beauties and Beast

4    I-Heart I-Phone

5    To Be (a recycler) or Not To Be

6    Guy with a Heart (Condition)

7    Blank Stares of the Young

8    Confessions of an Accidental Band Director

9    Outside Dog

10    The Best Medicine

11    Church Camp

12    The Pastor’s Spouse

13    Just the Facts, Ma’am

14    The Possum

15    Watch for Ice on Bridge

16    Balance

17    Good Bye, Old Friend

18    I Love Sitcoms!

19    Same-Sects Marriage

20    Memoirs of an Alleged Educator

21   The Most Interesting Man/Email in the World

(or A Cautionary Tale)

22    Camp - Year Four Report

23    Family Reunions

24    Of Possums and People

25   Bophidius

26    Dogged Daze

27   I Coulda Been a Contender

28   Kids Say the Darndest Things

29   I Can See Clearly Now

30   People Are Weird

31   Vacation Transportation

32   A Very Moving Experience

33    Twas a Month After Moving (poetry)

34     Life with VD

35    Nod Once for “No”

36    What Are You Waiting For?

37    You’re Not Funny

38    My Cold, Sticky Fingers

39    Backyard Beauties and Beast, Revisited

40    The Gospel According to Bill

41    Hook ‘Em, History

42    The Reluctant Chef

43    Extreme Politics

44    Transitions

45    Trump Is My President

46    Trumped

47    Wishful Thinking

48    Don’t Lose Your Balance

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