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1   Dreams of a Frustrated Gardener by Bill Tune    

2   Facebook--Good or Evil? by Bill Tune

3  Backyard Beauties and Beast by Bill Tune

     4    I-Heart I-Phone by Bill Tune

5    To Be (a recycler) or Not To Be by Bill Tune

6    Cell Phones by Paul Hord

7    Guy with a Heart (Condition)  by Bill Tune

8   Mechanics by Paul Hord

9    Blank Stares of the Young  by Bill Tune

10    Confessions of an Accidental Band Director by Bill Tune

11    Reading/Writing  by Milton Watts

12    Outside Dog  by Bill Tune

13    Failure Isn’t Fatal  by Marc Lockard

14    Fighting  by Paul Hord

15    James Jutson, Jr.: American Hero, Parts One and Two by Grady Arnold

16    What Is the Secret to Success?  by Marc Lockard

17    The Best Medicine  by Bill Tune

18    A Farewell from Marcie by Grady Arnold

19    E + R = O by Marc Lockard

20    Church Camp by Bill Tune

21   The Pastor’s Spouse by Bill Tune

22    You Didn’t Build That! by Marc Lockard

23   In Pespective by Bill Neinast

24   Dear Mr. Congressman by Bill Neinast

25   Enough Already! by Bill Neinast

26   Thomas Hatfield’s Rudder from Leader to Legend

by Sue Ann Lockard

27   Hunker Down! by Bill Neinast

28   WWDD by Bill Neinast

29   The RNC: a Treat by Bill Neinast

30   A Sitcom in Charlotte by Bill Neinast

31   Just the Facts, Ma’am by Bill Tune

32   With a Jeweler’s Eye by Sue Ann Lockard

33    President Obama Cannot Be Re-elected in 2012

by Marc Lockard

34   Get Serious about the War by Bill Neinast

35   Spokesperson: Most Difficult Job by Bill Neinast

36   Singing Cathy’s Song by Bill Neinast

37   What If It Had Been George? by Bill Neinast

38   The Super 8 Lifestyle by Grady Arnold

38   I Believe in America by Marc Lockard

39     Desparate Men Do Desparate Things by Bill Neinast

40     Class Warrior in Chief by Bill Neinast

41     What Did He Know and... by Bill Neinast

42     We Need a Graveyard for Sacred Cows by Bill Neinast

43     GOP Swan Song by Bill Neinast

44   The Watchers by Grady Arnold

45   The Possum by Bill Tune

46   Tales from My Grandmothers by Grady Arnold

47     Class Warriors: the Truth Hurts by Bill Neinast

48     The Dust Bowl and the Role of Government by Bill Neinast

49     There are Many Cliffs by Bill Neinast

50     The Death Penalty by Bill Neinast

51   Watch For Ice On Bridge by Bill Tune

52     We Lost the War on Poverty by Bill Neinast

53    More Gun Laws a Folly by Bill Neinast

54     To Sue or Not to Sue by Bill Neinast

55     The Wording Says It All by Bill Neinast

56  Aunt Rose of Scotland and Her Bible Tales

by Grady Arnold

57   Balance by Bill Tune

58   Trust Me by Sue Ann Lockart

59     Culture of Dependence by Bill Neinast

60     Trip to the Watermelon Patch by Bill Neinast

61     Knee Jerk Reaction by Bill Neinast

62     Defense Department Two-Step by Bill Neinast

63     Saving the Military by Bill Neinast

64     My Hound Dog by Dr. Robert Pankey

65   Good Bye, Old Friend by Bill Tune

66   West Tyler Automotive by Grady Arnold

67     The Crawfish by Dr. Robert Pankey

68     The Two Minute Drill by Marcus Lockard

69     Purls of Wisdom: How Learning to Knit Changed My Life by Samantha Jane DeMont

70   My Recurring Dream by Grady Arnold

71    Moving: My Definition of Hell by Paul Hord

72    My One-Eyed Dog and Other Canine Stories by Paul Hord

73     Economically Illiterate by Bill Neinast

74     Charity and the Work Ethic by Bill Neinast

75     Where Is the Sequester Disaster? by Bill Neinast

76     Reviving Monsters by Bill Neinast

77   I Love Sitcoms! by Bill Tune

78   And, of Course, We Taught by Elsa

79   Going to Hell in a Handbasket by Marcus Lockard

80   The Love of a Winged One by Bob Pankey

81   A Story of Anna by Bob Pankey

82   A Better View of Life by Paul Hord

83   Same-Sects Marriage by Bill Tune

84   My Uncles: My Uncle Earl

85   The Cost of Medical Care by Bill Neinast

86   A History Lesson: English Only by Bill Neinast

87   Slackers and Your Money by Bill Neinast

88  The Mouse That Roared by Bill Neinast

89   Memoirs of an Alleged Educator by Bill Tune

90   Midland Hills by Bob Pankey

91   Home Away from Home by Bob Pankey

92   I Wonder Wonder Wonder, Who... by Marc Lockard

93   My Uncles: My Uncle Ishmael by Grady Arnold

94   A Day of Infany by Bill Neinast

95   One More Law by Bill Neinast

96   The Key Word Is Terrorist by Bill Neinast

97   Mission Accomplished by Bill Neinast

98   The Buck Stops Here by Bill Neinast

99   The Most Interesting Man/Email in the World

(or A Cautionary Tale) by Bill Tune

100   Ole Smokey by Bob Pankey

101   My Uncles: My Uncle Joe by Grady Arnold

102   Hear No Evil, Etc. by Bill Neinast

103   CSOPE by Bill Neinast

104   Drip, Drip, Drip by Bill Neinast

105   Sleep Well by Bill Neinast

106   Lie Redefined by Bill Neinast

107   PC and History by Bill Neinast

108   Joe and Jose by Bill Neinast

109   Foreign Policy Mush by Bill Neinast

110   Dog Days by Paul Hord

111   A View from My Porch: July 4, 2013  by Marc Lockard

112   Camp - Year Four Report by Bill Tune

113   Why? Not Who? by Bill Neinast

114  Coherent Policy...I Think Not by Bill Neinast

115  From Liebenau to Detroit  by Bill Neinast

  116   Hog Killing Time by Bill Neinast

117   Blind Hog Finds Acorn by Bill Neinast

118   The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure

by Bill Neinast

119   Cousin Kim: the Story of a Hero by Bob Pankey

120   Family Reunions by Bill Tune

121   Homeland Security: Formerly IRS by Hendrik Benson

122   Through the Pain by John Grant

123   Dog Days of Summer by Samantha Demont

124   The Hawk by Robert Pankey

125   Of Possums and People by Bill Tune

126   Red Line Rewrite by Bill Neinast

127   Where’s Waldo by Bill Neinast

128  Looming Danger by Bill Neinast

129   Alcohol and Drugs: History Repeated by Bill Neinast

130   The Best Films about Art...Ever by John Grant

131   Voting Hypocracy by Bill Neinast

132   Our Henny Penny Congress by Bill Neinast

133   Affordable Healthcare? by Bill Neinast

134   Look Over there by Bill Neinast

135   Advertising Pays by Bill Neinast

136   Kicking the Can and the Texas Model

by Bill Neinast

137   A Little Good News by Bill Neinast

138   Silver Alerts and Pinocchios by Bill Neinast

139   I Know Nothing by Bill Neinast

140   Viva Independence and Self-Reliance

by Bill Neinast

141   My Take on Tattoos by Paul Hord

142   Bophidius by Bill Tune

143   The Graduate by Bob Pankey

144   Good Tired by Bob Pankey

145   Perspective on bin Laden’s War by Bill Neinast

146   Fewer Toys for Pentagon by Bill Neinast

147   Obamacare Flight by Bill Neinast

148   The Method to My Madness by John Grant

149   That Mom by Amy Roman

150   Radical? by Bill Neinast

151   Fair? by Bill Neinast

152   Republican New Year’s Resolution by Bill Neinast

153   Now You’re Concerned? by Bill Neinast

154   Unemployment the Texas Way by Bill Neinast

155   Beware Solicitation Letters by Bill Neinast

156   We Must Not Forget by Bill Neinast

157   Political Lies by Bill Neinast

158   Dangit! by Bill Neinast

159   The Vacation from Hell by Rhonda Wheeler Cook

160   When an Artist’s Work Touches Your Soul by Robin Avery

161   I Coulda Been a Contender by Bill Tune

162   The Brand New Year by Ken Muenzenmayer

163   Livable Forest by Ken Muenzenmayer

164   Let’s Not Make Anyone Uncomfortable by Bill Neinast

165   Dropouts and Graduates by Bill Neinast

166   The Ditherer by Bill Neinast

167   Illegal Aliens by Bill Neinast

168   Kevin and Marley’s Story by Rhonda Wheeler Cook

169   Seeing the Forest Beyond the Trees by Robert Pankey

170   Kids Say the Darndest Things by Bill Tune

171   Top Secret by Bill Neinast

172   Larry, Moe, and Curley by Bill Neinast

173   Charity Starts at Home by Bill Neinast

174   Declare Peace in the War on Drugs by Bill Neinast

175   I Can See Clearly Now by Bill Tune

176   No More Blizzards in Winter by Rhonda Wheeler Cook

177   Windshields by Rhonda Wheeler Cook

178   Happenings at 70 by Hendrik Benson

179   People Are Weird by Bill Tune

180   Stop Knee Jerk Reaction by Bill Neinast

181   Sensible Military Reductions by Bill Neinast

182   If It’s Not Broken... by Bill Neinast

183   What Difference Does It Make by Bill Neinast

184   Education: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It by Bill Neinast

185   Can You Spare a Little Change? by Bob Hurt

186   One Day by Amy Roman 

187   Toke by Bob Hurt (I’m not going to explain why I’ve done this, but I’ve listed “Toke” as an essay here and as a poem on “The Poetry of Bob Hurt.”)

188   Vacation Transportation by Bill Tune

189   Order More Stop Signs by Bill Neinast

190   Back to the Issues That Matter by Bill Neinast

191   Fairness: Here We Go Again by Bill Neinast

192   Less Sports and Entertainment: More Hard News by Bill Neinast

193   Uncle Sugar by Bill Neinast

194   The Veterans Administration’s Mess by Bill Neinast

195   The Last Chilvary by Bill Neinast

196   Rights to Entitlements by Bill Neinast

197   Some Things Just Don’t Make Sense by Rhonda Wheeler Cook

198   Morning Mist and the Promise of Eternity by Ken Keller

199   Driving Mr. and Mrs. Daisy by Theresa Perez

200   A Very Moving Experience by Bill Tune

201   Workers’ Paradise by Bill Neinast

202   United? Nations by Bill Neinast

203   An Outstanding President: Obama by Bill Neinast

204   Double Agent? by Bill Neinast

205   Epilogue by Frank Cox III

206    Smokey Row: The Aventures of John McDougald by Roy Sanders 

207   A Little Middle East History by Bill Neinast

208   Surviving the Hydra by Bill Neinast

209   Only the Facts, M’am by Bill Neinast

210   Tomlinson Hill and the Democrats by Bill Neinast

211   Both Parties Hypocrits by Bill Neinast

212   This essay removed in the name of political correctness.

213   Climbing for Your Life! by Robert Pankey

214   A Morning Walker  by Max Stratton

215   Some Thoughts  by Max Stratton

216   Escape to the Mountains by Gene Miller

217   Being a Texan by Curt Wills

218   The Secrets of Selling Art by Russell Cushman

219   Whiskers by Bob Hurt

220   Go Home and Rest by Rhonda Wheeler Cook

221   The Accidental Cowboy by Mick Stratton

222   On Katrina by Mick Stratton

223   Some Thoughts II by Mick Stratton

224   We’re Already at War by Bill Neinast

225   I Know Nothing by Bill Neinast

226   Alarm Bells by Bill Neinast

227   Radical Change by Bill Neinast

228     Life with VD by Bill Tune

229   The Tragic Life of a Beauty Queen by Gene Miller

230   A Quick Note about Pure White by Bob Hurt

231   Some Thoughts III by Mick Stratton

232   Rite of Passage by Mick Stratton

233   Ebola: an Imagined Epidemic by Bill Neinast

234   It’s Better to... by Bill Neinast

235   Make Schools Independent by Bill Neinast

237   RRR by Bill Neinast

238   Changing Neighborhoods by Bill Neinast

239   We’ll Survive by Bill Neinast

240   Just the Facts by Bill Neinast

241   What Do They Want? by Bill Neinast

242   On Diversity and Tolerance by Mick Stratton

243   Some Thoughts IV by Mick Stratton

244   Gingerbread by Rhonda Wheeler Cook

245   Jugito’s Habanero Pepper Mash and Hot Sauce

246   Affordable Care Act? by Bill Neinast

247   Been There, Done That by Bill Neinast

248   My Chystal Ball by Bill Neinast

249   Kudos to President Obama

250   Glass Fusing Experience by Hendrik Bergen

251   Los Compadres by Theresa Perez

251   My Son’s Heritage by Mick Stratton

251   Some Thoughts V by Mick Stratton

252   The Keystone XL Pipeline by Bill Neinast

253   Voting Reform Important by Bill Neinast

254   Time Marches On by Bill Neinast

255   Narcissist-in-Chief by Bill Neinast

256   On the Art, Science and Philosophy of Child Rearing by Mick Stratton

257   Some Thoughts VI by Mick Stratton

258   When and Why You Should Raise Your Price by Bob Hurt

259   Nod Once for “No” by Bill Tune

260   Mideast Treaty Organization by Bill Neinast

261   Nod Once for “No” by Bill Tune

262   You’re Not Funny by Bill Tune

263   The Raven and the Wolf by Mick Stratton

264   Some Thoughts VII by Mick Stratton

265   Winter Blues by Rhonda Wheeler Cook

266   Give Common Core a Chance by Bill Neinast

267   Art’s a Journey by Robin Avery

268   War and Luck by Bill Neinast

269   Nobody Else Is Doing It? by Bill Neinast

270   What If Obama Were President in 1942 by Bill Neinast

271     Bernie Madoff: Barrack Obama by Bill Neinast     

272   Global Warming Nuts by Bill Neinast     

273    Scams by Bill Neinast

274    Welcome Back to Munich by Bill Neinast

275    A President from the Business World? by Bill Neinast

276   Belated Blog from Bishop-Favro by Michael O’Brien

277    The Long Forgotten Letter by Robin Avery

278    A Man and a Woman by Mick Stratton

279    Some Thoughts VIII by Mick Stratton

280    Blunderbuss Foreign Policy by Bill Neinast

281    The Inheritance Tax by Bill Neinast

282    Fair  Trial in Baltimore? by Bill Neinast

283    The Governor and the Military by Bill Neinast

284    Mom and Me by Mick Stratton

285    Some Thoughts IX by Mick Stratton

286   My Cold, Sticky Fingers by Bill Tune

287   Notes on Turning 60 by Michael O’Brien

288    When Your Team Sucks  by Paul Hord

289    From General to Personal Welfare by Bill Neinast

290    From Independence  to Dependency by Bill Neinast

291    Finally Some Good News by Bill Neinast

292    December 7 by Bill Neinast

293    I Remember When by Mick Stratton

294    Some Thoughts X by Mick Stratton

295   Backyard Beauties and Beast, Revisited by Bill Tune

296   One Less Pillar by Michael O’Brien

297   When Did Policemen Become the Bad Guys? by Bill Neinast

298   This Ain’t Crystal Night by Bill Neinast

299   Bingo, Hillary by Bill Neinast

300    Love and Hate by Mick Stratton

301    Some Thoughts XI by Mick Stratton

302    Father’s Day by Michael O’Brien

303    Grandma’s Tamales Factory by Theresa Perez

304   The Gospel According to Bill by Bill Tune

305   The Passing of a Loved One by Steve Branch

299   The Trump Card by Bill Neinast

299   Goodbye Old Flag by Bill Neinast

300   Obeying the Law by Bill Neinast

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