Some people believe I caused the Great Depression.  There is a basis for that belief.  I was born in Somerville, Texas, on August 26, 1929, in my parent’s home; a house without electricity or plumbing.  A mere 59 days later, the banks failed and the stock markets crashed on Black Friday, October 24.  Those two dates are too close to be a mere coincidence.

Being a man of conscience, however, I helped start the long road to recovery.  My friend, Cotton Malkey, and I kept construction of the stone gymnasium and football field in Somerville moving.  Ensconced in Cotton’s front yard, we would ping with a BB gun any man working on the WPA project who would bend over too long to pick up a stone with his butt pointed toward us.

When not supervising the WPA, there were no TVs, video games, IPhones, or air conditioning to keep me inside, so I mowed lawns, sanded floors, worked the projectors at the Lyon theatre, and cut meat in my Dad’s market and grocery.  For a break from that tedium, I graduated as valedictorian of the Somerville High class of 1946.

Then it was off to the real world of my mother’s alma mater, Texas Lutheran College (now Texas Lutheran University) in Sequin.  I graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in the last class as a junior college. 

Next, was a migration north to THE university--The University of Texas in Austin. There, I was fortunate enough to help my future wife earn the degree she was seeking.

Jeannine Pearce left her home in Marlin to get an Mrs degree.  Being a good Methodist, she joined the Methodist Student Association, but found nothing there that met her standards.  So she transferred to the Lutheran Student Association, where we found each other.  The rest is history.  The 60 year old trial marriage has worked so well, we are considering making it permanent.

In 1952, we left Austin with degrees in hand.  Jeannine had earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Home Economics and I was carrying a Bachelor of Arts and a Doctor of Jurisprudence.  We moved to Caldwell where I practiced law for a short while in a two-man firm that was first established in 1911.  The late Hays Bowers, my mentor and the namesake of our oldest son, taught me more law in three months than I learned in three years of law school.

The Korean War was claiming American lives across the Pacific at the time.  So, to dodge the draft, I got a commission in The Judge Advocate General’s Corps of the U.S. Army. 

I began my military career with a belief that no one who could make a living on the outside would ever undertake a military career. My contact with senior career officers and enlisted personnel quickly disabused me of that idea.  So I became one of them and the Army then tried for 27 years to educate me at taxpayers expense.

On the military side of the ledger, I graduated from both the basic and career courses of The Judge Advocate General’s School at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and The Army War College at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.  On the civilian side, I did a year’s graduate work in international relations at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and graduated from the Hague Academy of International Law, The Hague Holland, and the Management School for Executives of Pittsburgh University.

In 27 years of active duty, I had two tours of duty in the Pentagon and three overseas tours in Germany and Vietnam.  I performed various periods of duty in eight foreign countries.

Along the way, Jeannine and I reared four Army brats into productive citizens.  Steven Hays is the Assistant General Counsel for Entergy Corporation.  Mark is the American Sales Director for ESP Corp., a GE subsidiary in the oil patch.  Bill, Jr., or Will, is a Senior Vice President of Bank of America.  Anita, the Chief of Staff of the family, is a CPA/CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) with her own consulting firm.

I am published in Military Law Review, Army Lawyer, Army, Progressive Farmer, Gulf Coast Cattleman, The Lion, and Country (where I was a “country editor” for ten years).  Currently, I pen a weekly political op-ed piece for the Brenham Banner Press.

Jeannine and I are now enjoying our golden years on property in Washington County, Texas, that has been in my family since the Civil War.  My grandfather and father were born here, so here is where it started and where it will will end.



1   In Perspective    

2   Dear Mr. Congressman

3   Enough Already!

4   Hunker Down!

5   WWDD

6   The RNC: a Treat

7   A Sitcom in Charlotte

8   Get Serious about the War

9   Spokesperson: Most Difficult Job

10   Singing Cathy’s Song

11   What If It Had Been George?

11   Desperate Men Do Desperate Things

12   Class Warrior in Chief

13   What Did He Know and When...

14   We Need a Graveyard for Sacred Cows

15   GOP Swan Song?

16   Class Warriors: the Truth Hurts

17   The Dust Bowl and the Role of Government

18   There Are Many Cliffs

19   The Death Penalty

20     We Lost the War on Poverty

21    More Gun Laws a Folly

22     To Sue or Not to Sue

23     The Wording Says It All

24     Culture of Dependence

25     Trip to the Watermelon Patch

26     Knee Jerk Reaction

27     Defense Department Two-Step

28     Saving the Military

29     Economically Illiterate

30   Charity and the Work Ethic

31     Where Is the Sequester Disaster?

32     Reviving Monsters

33     The Cost of Medical Care

34     A History Lesson: English Only

35     Slackers and Your Money

36     The Mouse That Roared

37     A Day of Infamy

38     One More Law

39     The Key Word Is Terrorist

40     Mission Accomplished

41     The Buck Stops Here

42   Hear No Evil, Etc.

43   CSOPE

44   Drip, Drip, Drip

45   Sleep Well

46   Lie Redefined

47   PC and History

48   Joe and Jose

49   Foreign Policy Mush

  50   Why? Not Who?

51  Coherent Policy...I Think Not

52  From Liebenau to Detroit

  53   Hog Killing Time

54   Blind Hog Finds Acorn

55   The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure

56   Red Line Rewrite

57   Where’s Waldo?

58   Looming Danger

59   Alcohol and Drugs: History Repeated

60   Voting Hypocracy

61   Our Henny Penny Congress

62   Affordable Healthcare?

63   Look Over There

64   Advertising Pays

65   Kicking the Can Down the Road and the Texas Model

66   A Little Good News

67   Silver Alerts and Pinocchios

68   I Know Nothing

69   Viva Independence and Self-Reliance

70   Perspective on bin Laden’s War

71   Fewer Toys for the Pentagon

72   Obamacare Flight

73   Radical?

74  Fair?

75   Republican New Year’s Resolution

76   Now You’re Concerned?

77   Unemployment the Texas Way

78   Beware Solicitation Letters

79   We Must Not Forget

80   Political Lies

81   Dangit!

82   Let’s Not Make Anyone Uncomfortable

83   Dropouts and Graduates

84   The Ditherer

85   Illegal Aliens

86   Top Secret

87   Larry, Moe, and Curley

88   Charity Starts at Home

89   Declare Peace in the War on Drugs

90   Stop Knee Jerk Reactions

91   Sensible Military Reductions

92   If It’s Not Broke

93   What Difference Does It Make

94   Education: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

95   Order More Stop Signs

96   Back to the Issues That Matter

97   Fairness: Here We Go Again

98   Less Sports and Entertainment: More Hard News

99   Uncle Sugar

100   The Veterans Administration’s Mess

101   The Last Chivalry

102   Rights to Entitlements

103    Workers’ Paradise

104    United? Nations

105    An Outstanding President: Obama

106    Double Agent?

107    Deja-vu, All Over Again

108    A Little Middle East History

109    Surviving the Hydra

110    Only the Facts M’am

111    Tomlinson Hill and the Democrats

112    Both Parties Hypocrites

113    We’re Already at War

114    I Know Nothing

115    Alarm Bells

116    Radical Change

117     Ebola: an Imagined Epidemic

118     It’s Better to...

119     Make Schools Independent

120     RRR

121     Changing Neighborhoods

122     We’ll Survive

123     Just the Facts

124     What Do They Want?

225   Affordable Care Act?

226   Been There, Done That

227   My Chystal Ball

228   Kudos to President Obama

229   The Keystone XL Pipeline

230   Voting Reform Important

231   Time Marches On

232   Narcissist-in-Chief

233   Mideast Treaty Organization

234    Give Common Core a Chance

235    War and Luck

236    Nobody Else Is Doing It?

237    What If Obama Were

President in 1941

238     Bernie Madoff: Barrack Obama     

239   Global Warming Nuts     

240    Scams

241    Welcome Back to Munich

242    A President from the Business World?

243    Blunderbuss Foreign Policy

244    The Inheritance Tax

245    Fair Trial in Baltimore

246    The Governor and the Military

247    From General to Personal Welfare

248    From Independence to Dependency

249    Finally Some Good News

250    December 7

251   When Did Policemen Become the Bad Guys?

252   This Ain’t Crystal Night

253   Bingo, Hillary

254   The Trump Card

255   Goodbye Old Flag

256   Obeying the Law

257   The Tax Collector or Karl Marx

258   Good News, Bad News

259     The Cream Rises to the Top

260      Kept in the Closet

261      From Baitzemt to the US

262  Seig Heil Again?

263   Abortions Many Aspects

264   Sauce for the Goose Is Sauce for the Gander

265   Perspective from Dr. Ben Carson

266   Modest Proposals for a  Conundrum

267   Snake Oil

268    The Log in Your Own Eye

269    Chaos, Dysfunction, Frustration

270    How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked

271   Foreign Policy Seek and Fink

272    A Radical by Any Other Name Is Still a Radical

273   War Requires a Strategy

274    War Requires a Strategy...Still

275    Tread Lightly, Voters

276    Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor...

277    President Clueless about the Misuse of Firearms

278    Immigration Solved: Enforce Laws on Books

279    I, Uncle Sam, Resolve...

280    Tears and Fiddling

281    Political But Not Correct

282    Same Tune---Different Verse

283    A Wake for the Two Parties

284    A Generational Difference

285   County Commissioners’ Court Accessible

286   Do You Want This Thing to Be President?

287   LaBahia/Washington

288   Clarification: Supreme Court

289   Today Is 1984

290   Be Careful What You Ask For

291   World War III

292   Time for a Tune Up

293    Is “Hello” PC?

294     Trump on Abortion

295     Supreme Court Up for Grabs

296     Keep Your Fingers Crossed

297     Hobson’s Choice 2016

298    Get Out of Panic Mode

299    New Models for Elections

300    A Country of Immigrants

301    Nothing to Fear

302    There Is an Alternative

303    Texas Needs a Death with Dignity Law

304    Stupid Response to Orlando

305    The Worst Commander-in-Chief

306    The U.S. Army War College

307    BLM Mirrors KKK

308    Wars’s Many Faces

309    Ma and Pa Clinton

310   Chameleon Trump

311  SNAFU

312  Autographed Copy of Jesus Christ

313  No Best Out There

314  A New Draft

315  Hard Decisions

316  It Must Be True

317  Federal Government Dysfunctional

318  Vote for Supremes and Congress

319  The Republican Party and Silk Purses

320  Mission Impossible

321  Enough Already

322  Ma and Pa Going to the White House?

323  Henny Penny Democrats

324  Politically Correct=Political Idiocy

325  Newton’s Third Law and Politics

326  Miracles Do Happen

327  The Business of Government

328  The Russians Are Coming

329  What Will Happen in 2017?

330  Driving Nails into Coffins

331  Pass in Review!

332  Will Trump Be Presidential?

333  A Glimmer of Hope

334  Flabbergasted Democrats

335  Part of Our Heritage

336  DeVos Right Secretary of Education

337  Rethinking Education

338  Abortion and Sex Education

339  The Russians Did It?

340  Free Speech Not Free

341  Shaky Standing

342  Flailing Chickens

343  Operation Papyrus

344  And the Winner Is

345  A New Man in Town

346  Too Soon Old, too Late Smart

347  The Land of Oz, USA

348    News and Facts

349    Washington County EMS: the Best

450    Memorial Day---Every Day

451    Prejudice a Learned Behavior

452    Emoluments?

453    Give Henny Penny a Rest

454    Too Much Trivia

455    Nuclear North Korea

456    Fair Taxes

457    Ignoring Facts

458   Starving Departments

459   Time for Another Hoover Commission?

460   Hate and the KKK

461   Bad Language: Bad Choice

462   Waiting with Baited Breath

463   Hate Knows No Bounds

464   A Step too Far

465   The Law Is the Law

466   Honest Trump

467   Stuck in the Swamp

468   Why?

469   The NFL, Racism, and the President

470   Politics and Monuments

471   Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How

472   Guns Don’t Kill People...

473    Yesterday Not All Bad

474    Racism and the National Anthem

475    Dear Kneeling Brothers

476    Sex Will Win

477    Apples and Oranges

478    Truth in Advertising

479   A Better Way

480    White Privilege to the Trash

481    Taxes---Same Old Story

482    County Governance

483    From the Farms to the Cyberworld

484    The Scoundrels!

485    Whistler’s Mother

486    Pot, Bowl, or Magnet

487    State Level Term Limits

488    Murder Is Already Illegal

489    Truth in Advertising

490    The National Debt

491   Brenham, Texas, Has a Professional Theatre

492   The Train to Crystal City

493   Paying for Panic

494   Time’s Up

495   Trouble

496   Pro-Lifers or Anti-Abortionists? 

497   Deal Not Bonded

498   Laws Punish---Not  Prevent

499  Republicans---Don’t Be Hypocrites

500   Immigration

501   Our Schools Need Overhaul

502  Barack Obama...What a Guy!

503  Facts about Separated Children

504  We’re Doomed

505  Emotional  Thinkers

506  Democratic Socialists of America

507  Casey at the Bat

508  Talk Softly and Carry a Big Stick

509  The World Moves On

510  Trump and the Press

511  Security Clearance: the Truth

512  The Washington Playground

513  Life Is Adaptable

514  Millennials and Prosperity

515  OK, We Lost

516  Do Democrats Have No Shame?

517  Bring Back the WPA

518  Senators and Sense

519  Murder

520  The Cost of Illegals

521  Term Limits

522  Murder Is a Constant

523  Health Care  Not an Entitlement

524  Thankful for the Constitution

525  Trump and Media Are Both Guilty

526  Atrocity Upon Atrocity

527  Memories

528  The New Colossus

529  Pork and the Wall

530  Wake Up America

531  21 Months until Election
532  Birth and Law Suits

533  Socialism and Stupidity

534  DC’s a Logic Vacuum

535  Relax: Climate Change Not All Bad

536  President Trump: a Man of His Word

537  My Own History

538  December 7,1941

539  Big Changes Since WWII

540  Bernie Says Medicare for All

541  The VA: Faceless, Nameless, Unapproachable

542  We’ve Moved but Little Has Changed

543  Brain Cells and Democrats

544  The “Doctor” Needs Guidance

545  Dems Plotting against Electoral College

546  Greatest Generation Not to Be Replicated

547  Chickens and Illegals

548  Have Faith in Capitalism

549  Will It Never End?

550  Aliens on Stage

551  That’s a Lot of History

552  Socialists-Democrats

553     Respect for Country

554     Naive Socialist-Democrats

555     Scary Socialist-Democrats

556     Beating a Dead Horse

557    Rational Conclusions

558    Respect for the Law

559    Thank Your Mentors

560   Nero’s Fiddling

561   Red Flag Approach

562   High Crimes and Misdemeanors

563   Three Threats to U. S.

564   In My Shoes

565   Adapt

566   “Racism”

567   Star Chamber

568   Naive, Uninformed, and


569   Honoring the Veterans

570   Old Folks Homes

571   Washington’s Farce

572   Our Jury System

573   What to Worry about

574   Impeachment: a Christmas Gift

575   Happy New Decade

576  It’s What He Does

577     Nightmares

578    Now That’s a Nightmare

579    No Thanks, Dems

580    Where’s My Present, Kim?

581    Civics Lessons Needed

582    The Cat Fight

583    From Sears to Amazon

584    Self-Funded...Not So Much

585    Panic...Really?

586    The Pandemic and the Economy

587    The Pandemic and World War II

588    COVID-19 and Future Wars

589    It’s a Tough Call

590    Stop Whining

591    New Reads and the Death Penalty

593    The Coming  Economic Disaster?

594    Kamikaze Warfare

595    Your Grandparents’ Shoes

596    It’s Not Broken

597    Black and White Police Brutality

598    Systemic Police Brutality

599    What’s the Point?

600    BLM: What Do They Want?

601    The Holocaust, Friends, and Slavery

602    auf wiedersehen Logic

603    It’s Time to Stop the Nonsense

604    Applaud the Men in Blue

605    The Answer: Term Limits

606    Miraculous Advancements

607    Lady Liberty

608    Don’t Believe Everything You Read

609    History and Experience

610    The First Amendment

611    The Supreme Court

612    What’s behind Proposed Changes?

613    Four on One

614    Optimism Ain’t Easy

615    Medicine Ranks Number 1

616    The Blue Wave

617    Election Fraud Nothing New

618    Thanksgiving Thanks

619    You Lost---Go Home

620    Trump Is an Idiot

621   The Atmosphere Changes: Get Over It

622   The Days of Self-Reliance

623   So Here’s the Perspective

624   The Path to the Workers’ Paradise

625   Thrown to the Wolves

626   January 4, 2021: Historical

627   Eight Levels of Control

628   Hypocracy and the Southern Border

629   The Right to Assemble and Petition

630   Where’s Hunter?

631   Tax and Spend

632   1941 Again

633   Guns and Common Sense

634   Century of Change

635   Racist Country?

636   What’s Next!

637  Biden’s Policies?

638  Jack Norton

639 Three Mistakes

640 The Ostrich Administration

641 Auf Wiedersehen

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